Our Walks.

We have a full programme of walks. Something suitable for everyone.

General Information

Car Parking

All walks have been planned to begin near car parks or convenient roadside parking.  However, as our walks have become more popular, parking becomes more difficult.  To avoid this, car-sharing is encouraged.  Walk East Norfolk assume no liability for car parking which remains the responsibility of the driver.


Fair or foul weather the walks, usually, go ahead!  Please wear clothing which will keep you warm and dry,  Wear footwear that will keep your feet dry in wet conditions and will also prevent you from slipping and sliding.  It’s simply a matter of watching the weather and using common sense.

Club Pedometer

The club pedometer is a fun way for members to see how far they have walked over their time with the group. Should any members have an issue with their names appearing on the pedometer, please contact the general secretary and they will be removed.