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General News Items​​


Committee Meeting 08/02/2018
A questionnaire had been produced to send out to members and was intended to be sent before xmas but with all the festivities it was agree to leave it to the New Year.
Radios jhad been purchased and were now in use.  They have been found to be beneficial.
The Committee thanked all those persons who have assisted in our many events without their help it would have been very difficult.
First Aid Training was still proposed for Walk Leaders but there was a long waiting period for either St John Ambulance or the Red Cross to enable the training to take place.
We are still awaiting the decision of the inspectorate relating to routes in Martham.
The Chairman, backed by the Committee, were eager to recruit more walk leaders to ensure we do not overload those currently willing to undertake the task.  Members should be circulated to encourage more to come forward to assist in this area.  If we do not have sufficient 'Wak Leaders'  then it may not be possible to undertake the number of walks we currently do.  This is something which we wish to avoid.
The Next meeting will be held 19/04/2018 and the Annual General Meeting will be held 07/06/2018.

Committee Meeting 19/04/2018

The Committee is arranging for a First Aid Course to take place in July.  This course is open to any member who regularly walks with the group but Walk Leaders will have priority.  If you are interested please let Jerry or Frank know as soon as possible.
We still have to assess the questionnaires completed and returned to us.  A brief update was given by Jerry and it appears most people are satisfied.  However, It was disappointing no one came forward indicating they would like to become a Walk Leader.  The more leaders we have means the less each will have to do in leading.  This will then assist all Leaders.  If you feel you can help please let Jerry know.  It was also agreed a questiommaire should be sent out every 2 or 3 years.
An amendment to the Constitution will have to take place in view of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018.  This will be tabled at the next AGM. Please think about the AGM and consider if you wish for any matters to be raised,  This will be held in the Village Hall, Runham, on Thursday 6th June, 2018, at 2.00 p.m.  We hope you will all attend.